Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tawa meat

Beef/mutton, boneless
500 grams
Ginger paste
2 tea-spoon
Garlic paste
2 tea-spoon
Onion paste
2 tea-spoon
Nutmeg and mace
0.5 tea-spoon
Green papaya, grated
3 table-spoon
Cumin, powder
0.5 tea-spoon
Coriander powder
0.5 tea-spoon
Dry chili powder
1 tea-spoon
Onion, thick sliced
4/5 pieces
Green chili
5/6 pieces
Lemon juice, fresh
3 table-spoon
Mustard oil
1 table-spoon
Soyabeen oil  
5 table-spoon
As per taste
2 cups
Cucumber, carrot, tomato and green chili for dressing

Procedure: cut the meat into thin slices, wash and rinse. Mix the meat with all the ingredients papaya, lemon juice, mustard oil and 1.5 tea-spoon salt and marinate for 2 hours. And oil and give meat slices into it when it is hot, braise for some times. Add thickly-sliced onion into it and cook. Wait until one-side is well-done and flip the pieces to cook the remaining sides. Take down the pan from the oven, when the materials are brown. It will take at least 35/45 minutes to cook as heat of the oven shall not be very high. Decorate the fried meat with cucumber, carrot, tomato and green chili and serve with Parata or Nan.

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