Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beef T-Bone Bhuna

Beef T-Bone
4  (each 150-25g)
Ginger paste
1 table-spoon
Garlic paste
1 table-spoon
Chili paste
1 tea-spoon
Cumin paste
1 tea-spoon
6 pieces
Cinnamon powder
4 pieces
Onion, sliced
1 cup
Green chili (whole)
6 pieces
As per taste
Sweet yogurt (bitted)
1 cup
Soybean oil
1 cup
8 pieces
1 whole
Onion (sliced, ring)
4 whole
Procedure: Wash and clean the beef bones. Put a big pan on the oven pour some oil and make it hot. Place T bones into it and fry till these are brown and take these out of the oil. Give sliced onion into the oil and make it brown. Add all the pasted ingredients, salt and some water and simmer and after these are brown place the t-bones to the paste and braise for some times adding some water from time to time. Mix yogurt with boiled water and pour it in the curry very slowly, (mix only that amount of water as to make the flesh tender). Add green chili and make the heat dimmer. Stir from time to time. When the gravy is tight and oily it is done.
Serving: keep lettuce leaves on round flat bowl and keep the t-bones on it. Pour gravy all over it; cut tomato into floral design. Place it and rings of the onion for decoration and serve.

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