Friday, August 5, 2011

Minced chicken Cake

Chicken minced
300 grams
Potato,boiled, cubed
2 whole
4  whole
As per taste
Dry chili powder
As per taste
Green chili chopped
4  whole
Lemon juice
2 table-spoon
3  table-spoon
Onion chopped
2  table-spoon
Garlic chopped
1  tea-spoon
Wooster sauce
1  table-spoon

Procedure: Add half tea-spoons of ginger, garlic and some salt with the minced meat and boil until it is soft. Give butter on a pan and add onion, garlic, chili, chili powder, minced meat and potato cubes and stir for some times. Give all the items and braise for some times until it is almost fry. Take a baking pan smear butter all inner sides. Beat one egg and pour it into the pan. Pour the cooked item into it and beating the three eggs and pour it on the cooked items. Place the pan into micro-oven and bake it in 100 geat for five minutes. If desired the item can be grilled for another 7 to 10 minutes.


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