Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beef with chui

500 gram
Onion, quartered
8 whole
Garlic (bulbs peeled)
8 whole
Dry chili (bifurcated)
8 whole
Ginger paste
1 table-spoon
1 table-spoon
Black pepper paste
0.5 tea-spoon
Cardamom, cinnamon
1 tea-spoon
2 sups
Chui (wooden chili)
6 pieces
1.5 tea-spoon
As per tas
Procedure: wash the meat thoroughly. Put a pan on the oven and pour some oil, when it is hot sprinkle some oil and give the meat into it. Then give all the ingredients and simmer. Add some water and braise a little. When meat is tender add sliced onion and garlic and boil some more. When water dries up add cardamom and cinnamon paste and chui in it and braise some more. Add some water and simmer closing the pan. After the entire material looks oily take it out of oven.

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