Friday, April 22, 2011

Murg (Chicken) Musallam

1 full
Garlic paste
1 tea-spoon
Turmeric paste
A little
Poppy seed paste
1 table-spoon
Sour curd (yogurt)
1 cup
1 cup
Onion, fry
1 cup
As required
Ginger paste
1 table-spoon
Onion paste
2 table-spoon
Pepper paste
1 tea-spoon
Saffron colour
A little
0.5 cup
Coriander powder
1 tea-spoon
1 tea-spoon
Nut and Pistachio
1 Table-spoon

Procedure: Clean the chicken and prick all over it with a fork. Bind tip of the legs and wings with thread. Mix all the ingredients with yogurt and rub it all over it then marinate it for half an hour. Put a pan on the oven and pour ghee on it give onion, cinnamon and cardamom on it and fry a little. Place the entire chicken on the ghee and fry a little, then add all the paste into it, add some water and a little saffron colour. Close the pan and simmer. After it is brown, take out the chicken add poppy seed paste in the gravy and keep it on the oven. Add half boiled eggs into it and put it into heat. After it is done take out the pan from the oven. Put the eggs in the vacuum of the belly of the chicken, smear the paste over the chicken, add fried onion, raisin, nuts and pistachio and serve

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