Monday, April 25, 2011

Chicken Sago Chop

Chicken Brest, boneless
800 grams
200 grams
Ground nut
100 grams
Onion paste
2 tea-spoon
Ginger paste
1 tea-spoon
Garlic paste
0.5 tea-spoon
Green chili chopped
2 tea-spoon
Black pepper powder
0.5 tea-spoon
As per taste
As required
Egg albumin
From 2 eggs
Biscuit powder
As required

Procedure: Mince the chicken breast into paste. Wash the sago seeds thoroughly. Crush the groundnuts into powder. Mix all the ingredients with the minced meat and make small balls or any shape. Bit the egg. Dip the balls and roll it on the biscuit powder and fry it in dipping oil. Keep about 10 minutes until these balls turns brown. Serve with sauce. 

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