Thursday, April 28, 2011

Green Mint Pesta Chicken

Chicken, medium
1 (800 grams)
Sour yogurt
1 cup
Nuts and pistachio
1 cup
Bay leaf
2 table-spoon
Ginger paste
1 tea-spoon
Garlic paste
1 tea-spoon
Onion paste
1 table-spoon
Green chili paste
1 tea-spoon
Green chili whole
5/6 pieces
Onion cubed
1 cup
3/4 pieces
4/5 pieces
Cassia leaf
2 pieces
0.5 cup
As required
4 leaves
Carrot and tomato
1 each
1 table-spoon
Pudina leaf (buds)
2/3 pieces
Procedure: wash and clean the chicken and make several pieces. Mix sour yogurt and all other ingredients and salt and keep it in the freeze for one hour. Place a deep fry pan on the oven, give ghee and ginger paste, garlic paste, onion and cook for 30 minutes in medium heat. Stir the entire materials from time to time. When the meat becomes tender give 5/6 green chili and take it out of oven. As no water is given the chicken will be tasteful and nutritious.

Serve: Decorate a curry dish with lettuce leaves and pour the curry into it decorate all the sides with Sliced carrot, tomato (Green and red capsicum can also be used). It can be taken warm with Pilao or Luchi.

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